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Windows Cons. Driver 5.03-3g for Graphire3,4, etc. on Win 2000, XP, XP x64, Vista (32 & 64 bit)
[Supported Tablet]
Bamboo (MTE-450), Graphire4 (CTE-440, 640), Graphire Bluetooth, Graphire3 (CTE-430, 630), DTI-520, DTF-510, DTU-710, Cintiq 17SX, BizTablet (CTF-220), PenPartner (FT-0203),2004
This driver supports Graphire4, Graphire Bluetooth, Graphire3 pen tablets, as well as Cintiq 17SX, DTU-720, DTU-710, DTF-520, and DTF-510 pen displays on Windows Vista (32 & 64 bit), XP & XP x64, and 2000.

Wacom implemented the following changes and improvements:

-This driver recognizes the tablet correctly even when it is plugged into a different USB port. (Note: If you used driver version 5.01-9 and plugged your tablet into multiple USB ports and customized the settings, you will have to remove the preferences and make new settings in order to regain a single set of settings for your tablet. See General Notes below for instructions on removing your preferences.)

-Tablet PC Input Panel and Windows Journal were added as new options for the pen buttons. Pressing a pen button set to these functions will launch the Tablet PC Input Panel for handwriting recognition or Windows Journal for note taking, respectively. These options require Windows XP for Tablet PC or Windows Vista Standard version or better.

-A new Pan/Scroll option was added for the pen buttons. Press a pen button set to this function and then drag the pen tip across the tablet to pan or scroll the current document in any direction. (In some graphics applications, this will enable the grabber hand.)

-The driver starts up at normal speed when Terminal Services is set to Manual.

-Some low-level modifications were implemented to further improve integration and performance in Vista.

-This driver supports concurrent use of two Graphire tablets.

-Numerous smaller and cosmetic bug fixes were implemented.

Notes for Windows Vista

-On Windows Vista, installation of the driver will activate the new pen input functions available within Vista and Office 2007 (see for details).

-The Vista Flicks and Press-and-hold-to-right-click features are disabled in most graphics applications (all that use the Wintab API). This is a workaround to improve drawing performance in these applications when those features are on.

-There is no pressure sensitivity in Journal and other Vista Ink features when both Flicks and Press-and-hold-to-right-click are disabled in the Vista Pen and Input Devices control panel. This is a workaround for spurious double-clicks issued by Vista under that setting.

Additional changes for version 5.03-3g:

-An installer issue for users that previously installed a professional Wacom tablet driver was resolved.

General notes for all versions of Windows

-To remove the preferences file and restore all default settings, open Start - (All) Programs - Pen Tablet - Tablet Preference File Utility. Then select to remove the preferences file(s). You must run Windows as an administrator to be able to remove all users preferences.

-To uninstall the driver, go to the system Control Panel and select Programs and Features (Vista) or Add or Remove Programs (XP). Select Tablet from the list of applications, and then select the Uninstall button located at the top of the application list.

-The installer requires that all Wacom driver versions prior to version 4.82 have to be uninstalled before the installation of this driver. To uninstall an earlier driver, Go to Start - Control Panels - Add or Remove Programs. Find the entry for the Wacom pen tablet driver and remove it completely from your computer. Then restart the computer and open the downloaded file to start the installation.

-Serial tablets require connection through an on-board serial port.
NOTE: USB connection required on 64-bit versions of Windows XP or Vista.

Graphire Bluetooth tablets require a working Bluetooth (v.1.1 or later) connection on the computer.

USB connection required for Windows Vista (64 bit) and XP x64.

If you are upgrading from a driver that is older than version 4.82, you must completely uninstall the earlier driver before installing this driver. To uninstall a driver, Go to Start - Control Panels - Add or Remove Programs. Find the entry for the Pen Tablet driver, remove it completely and restart the computer. (3999016byte)