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Wacom Authorized Partner Program
The Wacom Authorized Partner Program recognizes outstanding businesses with whom Wacom has built a close relationship with in order to provide the best training and integrated solutions for our customers. Please contact the Wacom office or local subsidiary in your country if you are a business interested in discovering more about this program.


Wacom Authorized Training Partners and Centers

Wacom recognizes the importance of high-quality training for both experienced graphics professionals and first-time tablet users. To this end, we have established relationships with training partners and centers equipped with Wacom products to ensure that you get the best training for your field of creative content.

Wacom Authorized Training Centers (Asia / Oceania)
Wacom Authorized Training Partners (Asia / Oceania)


Wacom Authorized Retail Partner

Partners in the WARP program are recognized for their commitment to the marketing and sales of a comprehensive range of Wacom products. Please visit these retail partners for expert advice on the selection of the Wacom product best suited to your needs.

Wacom Authorized Retail Partner (Asia)


Wacom Authorized Solution Partners

Our Solution Partners integrate Wacom products into their hardware and software solutions targeted at healthcare, education, finance and other various industries.