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Hardware intuos2 Tablet Features
OTHER FEATURES Intuos2 Grip pen Intuos2 Mouse Intuos2 Tablet Intuos2 Optional Devices Intuos2 Spacification
5 sizes plus 2 color models
Dual track function
Tactical drawing area
Function box
Tracing sheet
USB, serial connection
Adjustable for all softwares
1 Wacom Tablet Driver for all applications
All tablets operate on both Windows and Macintosh operating systems, and on all application software. (SGI IRX drivers are optional). By adjusting the switches, pressure sensitivity, angles and scales, software usability will be enhanced even more.

Pressure sensitivity, as well as other features, are adjustable in every application software.

tablet:4x5 / 6x8

Notice:intuos and intuos2 pens are not compatible.