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  1. How to hold the Pen
Hold your Wacom pen like an ordinary pencil or pen.
Practice holding the pen so that it does not touch the tablet surface. The tablet will sense the pen tip up to 5 mm above the tablet surface, so you don't need to touch the surface to move the cursor.
When you hold a real pen, you only touch the paper surface when you want to make a mark. Think of your Wacom pen in the same way.
  How to hold the pen
  2. How to move the cursor on your monitor
Practice moving the pen around the tablet's active area without touching the surface.
The active area of the Wacom tablet always represents the entire screen. Try lifting the pen far above the surface and bringing it down again in another spot. The cursor will automatically move to the corresponding spot on the screen.
  3. Clicks and Double Clicks
<Single Click>
Tap the surface with the pen tip once.
<Double Click>
Tap the same place with the pen tip twice.
  4. Dragging
Place (don't tap!) the pen tip on the tablet surface to select the desired file/icon.
While continuing to touch the surface, move the pen to a different position.
There are two switches on the Duo-Switch, and both will function while the pen is positioned above the tablet surface.
  The default settings are as below.  
1. Right-Click  2. Left-Double Click

1. Click  2. Double-Click

    Wacom PEN BASICS