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Microsoft Office 2003
  Activating Handwriting Recognition (PDF 1.8MB)
Advanced walkthrough
Adobe Photoshop
Painter Classic
Ulread Photo Express 4.0 SE for Wacom
Simple Tips from ACE (Authorized Training Partner in Singapore)


Adobe Photoshop
  Beginner Tips   Intermediate Tips
  All Beginner Tips (PDF 2MB)
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The Aging Photo (html + PDF) NEW
How to set the Brush Tools
Paiting a Photograph
Ink-Painting effects
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see more advanced walkthrough
Procreate Painter Classic
-Chapter 1 Christmas Baby for everyone !
-Chapter 2 Making your original drawing using a digital photo.
-Explore the creative world of Painter
Macromedia FLASH
-Creating “anime” with FLASH5 and Tablet! ~Making of “Sesshu” story.
-Click here more Tips & Tricks.
Ulread Photo Express 4.0 SE for Wacom
-Chapter1 Personalize your Graphire3!
-Chapter2 Personalize your Desktop!
-Chapter3 Easy & Original Christmas Emails !