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Digital Scrapbooking examples provided by Point Shoot Play tutor, Sara Pearcy.


Want to learn more about using your Wacom tablet for scrapbooking?

Point. Shoot. Play. (Australia )

-- Wacom Authorized Training Partner for Scrapbooking.

Shabby Princess
has a lot of nice freebies!

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This is the website of the Grand Prize winner of the Wacom Digital Scrapbooking Contes

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Digital Scrapbooking

Wacom pen tablets make digital scrapbooking easy and fun!

Imagine sharing your new scrapbook of your grandson's first steps not only to people who visit your home, but to friends and family around the world. That is the promise of the digital revolution starting with photography and now digital scrapbooking.

Your computer gives you a wealth of possibilities to expand your scrapbooking activities including how you make scrapbook pages and how you share them with others. From retouching and manipulating your photographs and items scanned into your PC, to creating textures and decorative items, Wacom's pen tablet including Bamboo Fun small and medium sizes offer the perfect tool to make creating your scrapbooks easy and fun.


How does using a pen tablet make digital scrapbooking possible?

The pen tablet takes your mouse to a whole new level of control and speed. Now you can edit your photographs with the speed of a pro photographer. Using a pen to control your PC allows you to write and draw much more easily than with a mouse. Plus, you get the added benefit of natural arm position, reducing the chance repetitive stress injuries. Here are just a few of the things that using a pen tablet makes possible:

Need to take out red eye?

Just color it over with a paint brush in a photo editing software package such as Adobe Photoshop Elements. Because you handle the pen as you would any other pen or brush, editing out red eye, skin blemishes, etc. is as easy as coloring with a crayon.

Want to add a speech bubble or a handwritten message?

Just draw it onto the photo inside your photo editing software. Using a mouse to do it would be like writing "with a bar of soap" as one long-time Wacom user puts it. Natural looking handwriting on a PC can only be achieved with a pen tablet of the quality and technical sophistication that Wacom offers.

Create textures and other decorations!

A pen tablet gives new meaning to the term "handmade". Instead of buying pre-designed paper textures and cutting and pasting, you can make your own! Share them with other digital scrapbookers in your community, or post them on worldwide internet forums for digital scrapbooking. Creativity is to be shared!


Description: Digital Scrapbooking store providing highest quality digital elements and papers for your creative crafts. Visit gallery for layout ideas and inspirations. Customized photo book service provided.



International newspaper for the scrapbooking community. Providing news, interviews, product reviews, tutorials, freebies, latest sales, new products and more.


An Introduction to Digital Scrapbooking

About Scrapbooking

Scrapbooking as a method of preserving photographs, printed media and other memorabilia has had a long history as a hobby and has grown into a multi-billion dollar industry. The material used for scrapbooks began from magazine clippings, buttons, fabric and other unused items found around the home, but as scrapbookers became more sophisticated in the layouts of their finished albums, companies began creating material exclusively for use in scrapbooks and other homemade crafts.

How Digitalization Has Changed the Art of Scrapbooking

The boom in digital cameras in the last decade has seen use of traditional film quickly evaporate. As anyone with a digital camera knows, taking pictures-good pictures-has never been quicker, easier or cheaper. The image you photograph are both immediately viewable on your camera, and you their number is limited only by the capacity of your computer. And best yet, you aren't forced to pay high fees to develop and print your photos to enjoy them.

Digital scrapbooking then is the revolution in scrapbooking that has accompanied the digitalization of photography. This consists of editing and/or manipulating your photographs to make them look perfect. It also consists of laying out the scrapbook page and decorating it on the computer, the creation of the textures and other decorative items, and finally publishing it in either print or digital form.